News VAPELUSTION First overseas exhibition

It's my pleasure to tell you the Indonesian fans of vapelustion that wewill attend the Indonesian Jive - Jakarta International vape Expo on May 29,which is also vapelustion's first overseas exhibition.

Under the current epidemicsituation, we are very happy to meet our foreign fans in Indonesia. Please alsodo a good job in epidemic protection and wear masks.


In this exhibition, we will bringthe complete vapelustion style to Indonesia, which is also the first overseasappearance of vapelustion style.

The consistent Japanese design iscontinued, but this exhibition will have more visual impact. The red shrinestyle plus Japanese lanterns and hanging cloth will bring you the purestvapelustion style.

I believe this will be a veryeye-catching presence in this exhibition.



And of  course the Vapelustion show girls shine brilliantly atthe exhibition.




Vapelustion First overseas exhibitionJakarta International Vape Expo in Southeast Asia .It's a big scaleinternational event with hundreds exhibitors from all around the world.And italso first Jakarta Vape Event after pandemic.

Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) is oneof the leading companies in Indonesia's MICE industry and it also the largestvenue area in Indonesia.



As the first overseas exhibition ofvapelustion, the benefits of this exhibition will certainly not be less. We arepreparing many kinds of interactive gifts for vape games. At the same time, weare waiting for a variety of mobile phone darts and pop games. If there are toomany people on site, please don't worry.  We have also prepared an online synchronized lottery this time. You canscan the code on our official instagram and Facebook. For the specific gameintroduction, you can check our Vapelustion Jakarta International Vape Expogame Introduction.


FirstJakarta International Expo After Pandemic ,It is also the first time vapelustionhas participated in overseas exhibitions,Let's look forward to this steam feasttogether.

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