Be True to Yourself, Be Yourself
Be True to Yourself, Be Yourself
Be True to Yourself, Be Yourself
Be Yourself

Every brand seems to understand what it’s like to be young.

So they create metal stems with various colors.

They imitate each other in a clumsy way, assuming that this is what “youth” means.

Be Yourself

Vapelustion users can be found in Beleme, Valparaiso, Seoul, Gag Island, Port Mansaniyo, Rio de Janeiro, and even the freezing Siberia. They are young and courageous. They may work in different fields, but,

like Vapelustion, they are brave enough to follow their hearts.
By Vapers. For Vapers.

Vapelustion refers to the steam revolution. In 2017, we began to expand into overseas markets. Three years has earned us numerous loyal fans at home and abroad. We have enjoyed great popularity among the users in terms of both the active vaper participation during the pre-design stage and pre-sales and after-sales service. Users’ true love comes from our strict requirements of each and every detail. We know clearly that speculation and love are completely different.

  • Say no to public-mold products; excellent design team; every generation of product is classic

  • Differences with other brands: totally different; fashionable and eye-catching; expressive

  • The design style is born with popularity. Anywhere it appears, the place becomes a “Photograph Holy Land”

  • Outstanding after-sales service department; keep their mind on sales and commit themselves to major breakthroughs in the future

Franchise and Incentive Policy

We have officially launched our franchise program.

Unlike other brands that are simply satisfied with making colorful metal stems, Vapelustion has taken an unusual way to establishing itself in the market through classifications of culture, personality, hobby, etc. from the very beginning.

In the long run, you never know what surprises the forthcoming products of a design-driven company will bring about.

  • Scope of Franchise

    Street Stores, Mall Stores, Mall Counters, Local Stores

  • Area

    5-30 sq.m

  • Franchise Fee

    RMB 6000

  • Decoration & Design

    By Sparkover

  • Decoration Subsidies

    10-20K Decoration Subsidy

    Same Month of Opening

    Suite Products

    One-Time Payment

    (The number of package is determined by area and location)

  • Opening Support

    Direct support of products worth of RMB6,000

  • Materials Support

    Support of clothing with company logo, display stands, posters, and similar peripheral products worth of RMB 5,000, in addition to products

  • Brand Publicity and Promotion

    One store at any given area to realize precise brand publicity

Franchise is available now, welcome to join us!

It is hoped that potential franchisees, with sufficient funds, are familiar with the industry and the local market. More importantly, you shall share the brand culture of Vapelustion.

Franchise Hotline

189 2380 2660