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On May 18-20, 2021, the long-awaited IECIE SteamExhibition (Shanghai Station) Steam Culture Week ended successfully.

Every time you see Vapelustion during theexhibition, there will be many people around the booth.

This IECIE Shanghai Steam Culture Week is noexception.

Make happinessmore pure

The building design this time still continues its usual style, centeringon the theme of warmth, using warm wood materials as a whole to create a verycomfortable atmosphere space, just like an izakaya in the alley after workingovertime at night. There will be a beam of warm light, washing away the fatigueof your day, we are looking for our own happiness in the noisy crowd.




Witness theglory and revival of Mod device

At this exhibition, we brought a new PodMod device—witness80w(many friends call it a suit mob). This device is connected to the oldelectronic cigarette brand sense in chip technology. It has a retro design anda smooth electroplating process. It also has smart (novice mode) and rba modes.The operation is very convenient and it is very friendly to novice who are justgetting started. Later related accessories will be launched for players to usein advance.






The controversy about witness is that its appearanceis somewhat similar to voopoo's drag. The product designer said: "As aplayer, Vaping of Mod has always been the original intention of love. In fact,I want to make a podmod. It happens that our industrial designers and drag'sThe designer has something to do with it. He feels that drag is too industrialand wants to make something with style. Drag is as beautiful as it is. It hasnothing to do with beauty and ugliness. It is just a design direction, and thenthe project is established."




In this exhibition, the number of online and offline franchiseconsultations received within 3 days was 1,000+ and 300+ intending customers,and 56 stores were signed on-site. Since the official launch of the domesticmarket in September 2020, the stores currently established nationwide In about500 stores, with diversified and personalized designs and sincere and sincerepolicies, we have completely planned out a broad moat with our advantages. Thisis not only based on the characteristics of highly distinguishing peers throughappearance optimization, innovation, and uniqueness, but also achieved on thebasis of respecting the e-cigarette industry and users.