News Nano Pro | New departure, return in glory


The design of NANO pro this time is more like ajourney of self and evolution.

Although there are more appearance choices, wefinally chose a design that can match the first generation of panels.If you own the NANO generation, then your panel cancontinue to be used.


Unlike the first generation of NANO, the four panelsof the Nano Pro version have different patterns.

That is, white withfour panels with different patterns, and black with four panels with differentpatterns.

The newly designed atomizer module can be insertedback and forth to bring different taste changes.

Good structure brings wonderful taste, and everybite is fresh.


The suction nozzle part of the cartridge is changedto a more fitting bevel design, the mouth is smoother and the airflow is moreairtight.

But you must remember that after filling the ejuice,let the cartridge stand for 60 seconds to let the atomized liquid be fullyabsorbed by the cotton before tasting!


Not only that! ! Inside the cartridge, the bottomdesign adopts a wall structure to effectively prevent the release of condensateand smoke liquid.

This time, 50+ art panels will also be released, bringing moreplayability.