News Let`s meet on December 6th-8th.

Although the time has been delayed, the 2021IECIE International Atomization Technology Festival, which was postponed forthree months, has finally arrived! !

Remember how the Vapelustion showed the wholeaudience last year?

Look at the pictures and recall themtogether.


(Review of the past

This exhibition still continues the uniqueJapanese-style design of Vapelustion. But it has made great changes in theoverall visual impact and spatial structure.

180 square meters of land

Pure Japanese-style decorative details of thedouble-deck booth

Twelve Vapelustion show girls shine brilliantly atthe exhibition.

Until now, the Vapelustion has invested themost money and attracted the most attention.

The booth of this Vapelustion is at: 1D32,Main Hall


This time, you can not only see the newproducts recently launched by Vapelustion

Hannya Nano Pro

Hannya Mod II

New 8 GZT Pro nicotine salt liquid

New 5 GZT Mod nicotine liquid

28 new panels of replaceable

Vapelustion X Master necklace

There are also the unlisted ones ofVapelustion:

Five new flavors of prefilled cartridges

Vapelustion atomizer called soul-eating

Vapelustion X Master silver jewelry lanyard

3 Vapelustion sweaters

Vapelustion cashmere coat


Many new products welcome everyone to cometo the booth to experience.

(Welcome video of Girls)

Having said that, maybe some people wanna ask, whatexactly is IECIE?

IECIE electronic cigarette exhibitionShenzhen, which started in 2015, Has strong influence and appeal in theindustry, It has become an excellent display and promotion platform for globale-cigarette product technology and brand.

This year's IECIE Shenzhen exhibition covers an areaof 60,000 square meters There will be 2500+ brands joining. Will attract80,000+viewers.

(Review of the past)

What kind ofsurprise will the delay of IECIE for three months bring? !

1. Three summit forums, multi-dimensional cognitiveatomization industry

2. The meeting of "Top 100 New Bloggers"of 2.IECIE activities in the same period

3. 5 Mutualentertainment activities at the same time, feeling emerging industries frommultiple perspectives

4. On-siteinteractive entertainment activities of IECIE

5. Thediscussion of: those things related to opening a shop

(Review of the past)

What? Do you think there are any fan benefits? !

Of course there is! As long as the fans who hold theVapelustion device can get it at the scene,

A new taste of prefilled cartridges 1 pcs

Let's reveal the game link with you.

1.   Traditional program of Vapelustion: horseracing game Rules:

A. Scan code and pay attention to WeChatofficial account

B. Click Start Game to enter the waiting page.

C. Shake the phone to start the game.

[Thetop three can get prizes]

(animation display)

2. Q&A

Rules: the host reads the topic, and thefirst audience to raise their hands can get the right to answer questions. Ifthe answer is wrong, the next audience will continue to answer the question.

(PS: prizes will become more and morevaluable from simple to difficult)

(animation display)

3. Quick-sighted and quick-witted

Rules: as long as you catch 4 bones in a game, youcan get a bottle of new nicotine salt liquid for free.

(Send out 100 bottles every day)

(animation display)

4. Vaporization Refulled Liquid SupplyStation

Thewhole game is free of Refulled Liquid.

(animation display)

5.Bubble fight

Rule: In the competition, who can blow out 3 smokebubbles in 30 seconds?

You can get prizes.

6.Vapelustion Gift

Date: Take part in the lucky draw from December 6 to8, and we will draw 5 fans.

Send a Vapelustion gift package worth 3,600 RMB.

(20pcs prefilled cartridges,Hannya Nano Pro,Hannya Mod II,

Vapelustion atomizer,New 5 GZT Pro nicotine liquid)

1D32, Main Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention andExhibition Center (FuTian)

                                December6-8, Waiting for you.