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APV: Advancedpersonal vaporizer, which often includes a separate tank, battery, andatomizer.

Box Mod: A type ofAPV that is square-shaped. They offer more power than their tube counterparts.

Atomizer Wick: Asmall mesh 'Bridge' that aids in the flow of e-liquid to the atomizer.

Battery Cut Off:Automatic batteries generally have a cutoff to prevent them from burning out,the cutoff may kick in at around 6 to 12 seconds.

Deep Lung: Amethod of vaping in which the user inhales the vapor straight into their lungsafter taking a long draw.

Dripping: Drippingis a technique for adding e-Liquid to the atomizer. A few drops are drippeddirectly onto the coil by the user. Many people say it produces better vaporand has a nicer taste.

Direct-to-Lung:This is a more airy style of inhaling that creates more vapor than usual.

Mechanical Mod:Also referred to as a 'Mech Mod.' There are no electrical components in these.

Manual: A type ofelectronic cigarette that is activated by pressing a button.

Variable Voltage(VV): Allows the user to adjust the voltage on their device.

Variable Wattage(VW): Allows the user to change the wattage of their device.

Other common terms

E-Cig: Anabbreviation for electronic cigarette.

E-Cigarette: Anabbreviation for electronic cigarette.

E-Juice: Anothername for e-liquid.

E-Liquid: Theliquid that is evaporated when using an electronic cigarette.

E-Smoking: A broadterm for the use of electronic cigarettes

EctronicCigarette: The main word for the device used to heat e-Liquid and produce avapor that the user can inhale.

Juice: Anabbreviation for e-Liquid.

Liquid: E-Liquidis referred to as a liquid.

MAH: Anabbreviation of milliampere-hour. It is an acronym for the ability of a batteryto store energy.

MG: A milligramstrength per millilitre abbreviation. The nicotine strength of the e-Liquid isdetermined by MG.

Nicotine: Thissubstance is found in natural tobacco and is added to e-Liquids to replicatethe nicotine hit of traditional cigarettes.

Nic: Nic isreferred to nicotine as a slang term.

Nic Juice: A slangword for Nicotine-containing e-Liquid.

Ohm: Electricalresistance is measured in ohms.

Vaper: Individualswho use electronic cigarettes are referred to as "vapers."

Vape/Vaping: Thepractice of using an electronic cigarette.

Vape Juice: A termused to describe e-liquid

Vapor: A cloudcreated by an electronic cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerol(VG): One of the two basic base ingredients used in the production ofe-Liquids.

Variable Voltage(VV): Allows the user to adjust the voltage on their device.

Variable Wattage(VW): Allows the user to change the wattage of their device.

Wadding: Anotherterm for the filler that goes inside the cartridges that hold the juice.

Wick: The wick,which is made of silica, aids in the passage of liquid to the atomizer.

Watts: The amountof heat provided to your vaporizer is measured in watts.

Zero-Nic: Zero-Nic:An e-Liquid with no nicotine.

Automatic: A typeof e-cigarette that activates on inhalation rather than pressing a button.

Blanks: Drycartridges that contain only filler that a user can fill with e-Liquid.

Cartridge: Thepart of the e-cigarette that contains the e-Liquid.

Dry Burn: Whenthere is no e-Liquid in the cartridge, you draw on your e-cigarette.

Mouth-to-LungInhale: A method of inhaling similar to smoking cigarettes, but with less vaporcreated.

Atomizer: One ofthe most important parts of an e-cigarette, it turns e-liquid to vapor.

Atty: Atomizer isslang for "Atty."

Battery: Powersthe atomizer that converts the e-liquid into vapor. Batteries can be one-timeuse or rechargeable.

Batt: Slang termfor a Battery.

Base Liquid: Thebase mixture to which other ingredients are added to create a completee-liquid. This typically comprises of VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG(propylene glycol).

Cartomizer: Adevice that combines an atomizer and a cartridge.

Clouds: A termused to describe the vapor produced by an e-cigarette.

Coil: The coil,which is found in the atomizer, heats the e-Liquid.