News Electronic cigarette beginner`s Guide

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from avape device.

People usually resort to vaping in anattempt to kick out their smoking habits.After all,vaping,for the mostpart,mimics the essence of smoking a cigarette,albeit in a less harmful way.

To those who are jumping into the vapingtrain,this guide is for you.Read on and learn how you can get started onvaping.

How does a vape device work?

A vape device or electronic cigarettecomprises several components including a mod (battery source) coils (heating element).vaporizing chamber (atomizer)mouthpiece.and e-liquid cartridge. etc. Withoutthese working together in harmony, you wouldn’t be able to inhalevapor.

Experienced vapers usually mix and matchdifferent vape parts,modifying their vape devices to produce desirable,morespecific results. Thankfully, there are pre-packaged kits available for theconvenience of beginners.

So, how does a vape device workexactly?Well, the battery source(mod)supplies power to the coil (heatingelement), which in turn, produces inhalable vapor through theatomizer(vaporizing chamber).

A vaper then inhales the flavorful vaporthrough the mouthpiece.


How can you vape?

Assuming you’re a beginner in thevaping realm.I am going to recommend you keep things simple.Contrary to popularbelief, simple vapes aren’t lesser to advanced more complex vaping devices.

Step 1:Choose your vape kit

Keeping the spirit of not complicatingthings alive go for a basic vape starter kit.There are a handful of options foryou to chose from.

For instance,you can opt for an easy-to-usepod vape which is usually prefilled with e-liquid or boasts of refillableoptions.

In most cases, pod vapes come along withdisposable cartridges that also double up as mouthpieces.A perfect case in pointis the Juul vaping device.

If you want the freedom of using your ownvape juice and changing your coils,go for an AlO(all-in-one) vape mod.


For higher performance,more power, andbetter control over several features such as variable wattage and temperaturecontrol,choose a regulated mod.A regulated mod can be paired with a sub-ohmtank to produce denser,thicker flavorful clouds.

Regardless of the vape kit you choose,youwill have instructions and useful diagrams on how to operate them safely andoptimally.

Step 2: Pick a vape juice

Next,you,ll need to select a vapejuice.There are some things you need to consider when choosing a vape juice.

Apart from choosing the flavor youprefer,you’ll also need to pay attention to the nicotine strength and the VG/PG(VegetableGlycerin/Propylene Glycol) blend of the vape juice.

How strong you want the nicotine in yourvape juice depends on how dependent you are on nicotine. It also depends on howyou inhale vapor:MTL (mouth-to-lung)or DL(direct lung).

Vape juices with higher nicotine strengthperform best with lower-powered mods. Lower nicotine vape juices. meanwhile,should be paired

with higher-powered mods.

If you are a burgeoning vape tricksterchasing after clouds. go for a vape juice with a higher concentration of VG.Since the throat hit provided by vape juices with higher VG content is minimal theyare ideal for direct lung vaping.

For MTL vaping,vape juices with higher PGcontent are recommended.Such e-juices provide stronger throat hits and are morecapable of mimicking a smoking experience.

Now that you have your e-juice ready. let’s talk aboutthe different ways you can inhale vapor.

Step 3:Inhale the vapor

Mouth-to-Lung(MTL) Vaping

If you want to experience the sensation ofsmoking a cigarette,adopt the mouth-to-lung vaping style.

To enjoy this inhaling style to thefullest,get yourself a vape juice with high nicotine content.For the highernicotine strength vape juice, you will need a lower-powered mod with highresistance coils.

Now. take a drag from the mouthpiece andhold the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds The vapor loses most ofits potency as it is held in the mouth,paving the way for a smoother lungexperience.

Next, open your mouth and breathe in thevapor. Only start exhaling after the vapor has hit your lungs.

Smoked a cigarette before? If so,you knowhow to perform this technique.


Cool vape

Helps you quit smoking

Allows you to taste more flavor Uses lesse-liquid


Weak hit

Short battery life

Lower powered mods don’t have manyfeatures.


As the name of this style suggests.with DL(directlung) inhale vapor directly into your lungs.Unlike the MTL style. theDL style

doesn’t require you tohold the vapor in your mouth.

lmagine sucking air through a bigstraw-that’s how you do DL vaping.Fairly simple,wouldn’t you agree?

If you have taken a bong hit before,youknow how to ute this technique.

To do this inhaling technique, you’ll need apowerful mod with low resistance coils. Don’t use vape juicewith high nicotine strength when performing this,unless you want to cough andsplutter or pass out.

Surely, you are also aware that it isn’t healthyfor your body to inhale large amounts of nicotine in a brief session,right?Remember to go for vape juices with higher VG content.


Production of denser clouds

Airflow control of the powerful mod helpsyou increase/decrease throat hit Higher-performing mods have a longer batterylife


VG based e-juices carry less flavor

Longcharging time

Higher consumption of e-liquid

Wrap Up

Like all vices,vaping can be quiteaddictive too.So,be careful not to inhale large amounts of nicotine.

Use your vaping device sparingly only tocombat your withdrawal symptoms; use it as a tool to help you quit smoking.

Granted. vape juices with 0 nicotinecontent are available for purchase. but they still contain numerous toxins andchemicals that can be detrimental to your health.