News Vapelustion Jakarta International Vape Expo ended perfectly

Highly anticipatedvapelustion first overseas exhibition has been ended in Jakarta Internationalvape Expo.


Even onthe first day of the exhibition, the site was already crowded with vapelustionoverseas fans and many interested dealers.

The uniqueJapanese style brought by vapelustion has also attracted much attention in thisJakarta International vape Expo, and I believe it has also left a deepimpression on all participants. The Crowds is even about to surpass than our domesticexhibitions.




At thesame time, many vape online celebrities from Indonesia were gathered at thescene to experience our products. They wanted to bring their fans to experiencethe unique vapelustion style. Of course, they also liked vapelustion productsvery much.



As thefirst overseas exhibition of vapelustion, of course, we also brought manybenefits and live games for everyone to participate in. Judging from the crowd,everyone have a very happy time.


There aretwo days in this exhibition. There are new gifts and prizes every day.



We believethat this will only be the first step for vapelustion to enter the overseasmarket. We believe that in the future, we will also hold exhibitions in morecountries to meet our overseas fans in more countries and regions. Please lookforward to it.