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Reviewer:Adrian Lo Dejavu

Upload time:2022/9/14



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Content:The product parameters and functions were briefly introduced. In fact, it is also very cute. The design of the dust cover varies according to the user's preference, but each time you need to open and close the dust cover, you can lock it. It is made of plastic equipment, which may cost less, but in fact, you can't say that. Sometimes it is not as cheap as the plastic equipment we see. It has different colors inside, so the internal structure is also very good. Because the device is translucent and matt, when you charge it, the whole device will be colored, and when you pump it, there will also be an LED breathing lamp, so in the evening, you will get a glowing green like this, just like the only thing.

Want to improve:

1. The ignition button cannot be pressed

2. The wattage cannot be adjusted


1. The classic lanyard is very suitable for fashion decoration

2. The battery is very durable, inhale by mouth and inhale by lungs - control the tight airflow of smoke

3. The cartridges provides a very good flavor. The smoke will not be dry and hot. It can be activated quickly, tastes good and has a lot of smoke.

So from one star to five stars, I may give this device a rating of 4 stars.




Reviewer:Faris.K Reviews

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Content:(After introducing the equipment data and information in detail) The feel is very smooth, and the texture of the material is also very solid. The opening design of the metal buckle is also very sanitary.

Advantages: 1. Modern design

2. cartridges taste as strong as expected

3. The air intake taste is very smooth, and the shape of the cartridges is also very comfortable

4. Fast charging and durable battery

5. Output stability

6. The residual smoke oil is easy to observe

Improvement points: 1. The subjectivity of design may attract teenagers. I prefer simple and more professional appearance design





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Content:This is a very interesting brand. Their products are very beautiful, not to mention this unique airtok. Its open system is very good in usability. (Unpacking specification)

Advantages: 1. Its design is very unique. For the open system we often use, we often encounter various dust stains, but it can cover the lid to protect our cartridges, which is an advantage. Few products have such a design.

2. He also has a fuse design to prevent our equipment from opening in the pocket. This is the first time I have seen such a design. I think it is very good.

3 The taste of the cartridges is very good. It restores all the flavors and atomizes quickly.

4. The charging speed is fast. I think it must be fast. It can be fully charged in half an hour. Although the battery is only 650 mah, I have used it for a long time.

Improvement points: 1. It may be because of the battery position. After a long time of suction, the position near the lips will get hot.

Conclusion: It is a very quiet fuselage with beautiful design. It is absolutely unique for those who like uniqueness. I like this device very much. To be honest, when I first saw it, I thought it was very beautiful and unique.




Reviewer:XenonWape Upload time:2022/10/11 Item:Airtok


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Content:(Explaining specifications while unpacking) I like this pink color very much. It looks very suitable for me. The plastic material of the outer box looks very advanced. The print of this design is very beautiful. It looks like some anime. The style of HANNYA on the back is consistent with that of the front, which is very careful.

Favorite points: 1. The taste of cartridges is restored very well, very fresh, with a lot of juice, and the texture of smoke will not be dry

2 The design that can open the lid is very cute. With the lanyard, you can easily carry it with you

3 It can be seen that there are many patterns to choose from, and you can easily choose the one you like

Improvement points: 1. If your hands are not dry enough, sometimes you need to try several times to pull out the cartridges

2 No resistance mark is found on the cartridges.




Reviewer:James Puff Upload time:2022/10/2 Item:Airtok


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Content:(Explained the specifications of the equipment.) If it is used as a pendant, because it is very large, some people will be satisfied with it, and some people do not like it. Its opening and closing mode is like a lighter. We can see the color inside, which depends on the design. There are two colors.

Advantages: 1. The design with a lid looks like a lighter, which is a big bonus. At the same time, this design has many other advantages. When we put it in the pocket, there will inevitably be fluff and debris. Sometimes it even enters the air duct, but the design here can avoid the entrance of dirt, so every mouthful is clean.

2 Because its structure is plastic, it is very light and very suitable for hanging ropes.

3 Its 650 mah battery capacity can really make you use it for a long time, because the resistance of our coil is 1. So if you use it normally, it can last about two to three days, but it depends on you of course.

4 The taste is very comfortable and easy to use. It is light and has a cover. If you want it as a necklace around your neck, it may be one of your choices.

Improvement points: 1. There is only one lanyard accessory in the package. It seems that there are other accessories in another box. However, the company only does this to reduce the retail price, because they even add double locks on the lid.