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Content:(After unpacking) The design of this pod is actually very cool. It feels great when you press the button to open it. The quality of its shell is very high. Don't worry about breaking it. (Briefly introduced the functions) If you want to buy a new pod that can be evaluated in this way, you really can't ask for more than this. This may be the best pod system in 2022. As I said, it's very interesting. I've been using it, so I'm very satisfied.

Advantages: 1. The flip design is great

2. The shell has a good texture and looks very solid

3. The smoke is actually very heavy

Problems in use: 1. When you suck hard, there will be smoke oil in your mouth, but in fact, many products have this problem.





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Content:This device is very special. Unlike any other device I have introduced on the channel, it is more like a gadget than a simple device. Generally speaking, I am satisfied with this equipment, but if it is a professional person, I may not be able to expect the equipment to be professional.

Advantages: 1. The device is very light, and the transparent design allows you to see the internal structure from anywhere.

2. The cover can protect the equipment from dirt and dust.

3. The design of the cover is very tight, and it will not shake after being covered.

Suggestions for improvement: 1. The cigtridges is not marked with resistance, but I think it's almost OK, because if you just want to buy a Pod, most people are not interested in it anyway, they just want to smoke electronic cigarettes.

2. It can be predicted that the cover will become loose as the use goes on.

3. The taste of cartridges is very good, but if you compare them with larger brands of equipment, you will notice that they stay in a relatively flat taste.

In terms of taste, a full score of ten is more like four to five. However, I believe that there are almost no products of the same type with this appearance, and the lid is really practical. The lid will loosen with use, but anyway, this design is really cool.




Reviewer:vape geekq8

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Content:The fuselage is completely transparent, and you can clearly see the internal design. It can be said that it is really special and different from the equipment we talked about recently. It has many different themes to choose from. Its smoke cartridge is completely transparent, but no resistance information is mentioned. Compared with the past transparent devices, they use patterns to make different styles. I think this design is right, and it also has a lid. If you put them in your pocket, they can prevent dust. The expression of light is also very convenient. You can clearly see the capacity of the battery. I cannot evaluate the appearance, because it is your personal judgment and taste. If it is distinguished from other transparent devices, although it is also a transparent form, it adds a special theme. If you remember there was a device called Aurora (Vaporesso), which reminds me of it, but it added buttons, which is its use style.

Improvement direction: 1. The resistance of smoke bomb is not marked on the equipment,

2. In terms of this volume, it would be better if the battery capacity could be larger, because you can clearly see inside, so you can actually use this space to increase the battery volume.

3. Maybe it's because I need to test, so I think it's best to have two cartridges in one device

Advantages: 1. It restores the taste very well, almost to the point that it will not be forgotten

2. The air intake is very, very gentle, with a lot of smoke

3. I like the way this device is used, especially when opening and closing the lid

4. The biggest advantage of this device is the shape and the presentation of the cover