News HANNYA AIRTOK Pod review

In this review, I will talk about a Pod named Hannya Airtok from Vapelustin.


Packaging and contents


Pod is sold in an almost completely transparent plastic box, which is filled with small fonts that Vapelustin designers like best. It is almost unreadable. However, if you look closely, you can see the inscription on the front of FUTURISTIC HUD POSTER and BY VAPERS,FROM VAPERS. On the back of the package are brief technical specifications and detailed social coordinates, warnings, product specifications, restrictions, manufacturer's address and certificate icons.





5/one refilled cartridge for oil injection.

You may have noticed it does not have a charging cable. Yes, I'm used to it. Not only is it not in mobile phones, but also often not in electronic cigarettes.


In order to present the structure of Hannya Airtok pod most easily, remember the lighter Zippo. Only more rounded corners, plastic and transparent. Weight - minimal, plastic, but accentuates elements that are bright and sometimes even fluorescent.


HANNYA AIRTOK Battery pack


Airtok is most similar to a lighter in that it has a foldable cover. In addition, it doesn't even need to open itself, Just press the button next to it, and it will pop off instantly. If you are afraid of automatically opening the device in your pocket - you can always move the metal bracket to the top position, where the opening mechanism will be locked.

Under the cover, you will find a bright fluorescent plastic insert and a shaft for installing ink cartridges. Deep down, you can clearly see two magnets (along the edge) and a pair of spring contacts (near the center), while in the middle, you can clearly see the tube leading to the switch sensor. Air enters through a small hole hidden under the open button. So even if it is accidental, you will not cover it with your fingers.


On the other hand, you can see a USB tupe-c charging plug and a separate fixing screw. There is no button, and in principle there is no other way to affect the work of the equipment.

Considering the built-in 650 mAh battery, it takes about an hour to fully charge. The two-color LED is used as the indicator. It will glow green when charging and red when floating.


On the other side of the open button is a ring with a spring, surrounded by a bright bracket for neck suspension. It's also plastic. Here, you can notice that the design method of weaving the built-in battery is just the color of the main body.


I'll tell you more about pendants. It is quite thick (6-7 mm in diameter), but very soft. For convenience, it has a mechanical limiter that can fix the device on a thin female wrist.



Ink cartridges are sold separately, two for each package, packaged in attractive boxes and customized disposable packaging.

Although the cartridges are labeled AIR-01, they are technically compatible with the Nano Pro's HN-PO1. The size, filler hole and contact group are identical. The only difference is the color and resistance of the plastic. The new version has 1Ω and the Pro version has 0.8Ω. There is still organic cotton and vertical grid inside, providing enough steam and good taste transmission. Adjustable suction resistance: by installing the ink cartridge on one side, you will get a freer or tighter tightening.

HANNYA AIRTOK impression


In Hanya Airtok, I would like to call it bright, fashionable and young. It is most suitable for use on the beach. When you can close the lid, you can play volleyball without fear of sand entering your mouth. In the gloomy autumn and winter, this colorful design will bring you a warm feeling, but it will also alienate your appearance, especially if you are a supporter of more traditional and cautious solutions. Technically, apart from the foldable lid, Pod has no innovation. Just another device with built-in battery and good taste delivery.