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Reviewer:RiP Trippers

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Content:This is a very popular kit. I don't even know if this shape should be called a pod. It is made of plastic. It is very light, and you can't even feel it. It is also very smooth, and its shape is almost like a pebble. There is a button on the side of the device, which will pop out when you unlock it and press it again. This reminds me of some previous products, but it is better because it is lighter and more portable. (The following parameters are introduced) After I use it, I just need to rotate the metal buckle upwards, so that the lid will not be opened by mistake. The quality of vape is very good. In my opinion, it is a very good and compact perfect MTL. The smoke bomb brings me a great taste. I noticed that it brings me more sweetness. Maybe everyone has different preferences, but I like the sweeter orientation.

Advantages: 1. I like its lightweight design and button design with buckle.




Reviewer:DJLsb Vapes

Upload time:2022/11/26



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Content:Airtok is a very unique design with a lid. I like this concept very much, so that it can be carried in your pocket to keep your mouth clean. You can see that it is shaped like a pebble, made of translucent plastic. Its smoke cartridge is the same shape as that used in the nano pro we have measured before, and can be downward compatible. Airtok has several different colors and artistic styles. The price is about $20, which is quite cheap, but its accessories are very expensive. In terms of performance, it is still very warm. Even the current 1 ohm smoke cartridge is warmer than the previous 0.8 ohm smoke cartridge, and the taste is about the average level. The smoke cartridge still has a double suction design, and the performance of the new and old smoke cartridges is roughly the same. I really can't taste any difference. If you like light lungs, I think it is good, but if I evaluate it, I will give it a B+, because its new smoke bomb has not made much progress. I like to see more innovation than just the lid, maybe more adjustable airflow.

Advantages: 1. I think this is a very cool device. If you want to go to the beach and want to protect smoke bombs from entering the sand

Improvement points: 1. Each set of products only has one smoke cartridge, which is not enough in my opinion

2. There is no rubber ring around the cover. I think this is a missed opportunity





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Content:It looks like a lighter. They are made of a good hard plastic. It is a kind of transparent plastic, because the breathing lamp will flash when pumping at that time, and it looks really good, super light. There is a mechanism like a children's lock. After unlocking, pressing it will open directly. The difference between it and the traditional pod system is that you can close the lid. In this way, if there are dust or insects in your house, AIRTOK will prevent these things from touching your mouth. The capacity of the battery is 650 mah, and even better, it has a fast charging interface, which will charge in about 30 minutes. It's really cool. It brings a different feeling to the traditional Pod system. The smoke bomb tastes great and the air flow setting is perfect. It has been recognized by me

Advantages: 1. Super light and the design of lanyard buckle make it very comfortable to use lanyard

2. I like the design with a buckle. If there is no buckle, it may pop out of your pocket

3. Compared with the traditional Pod system, its cartridge has a larger oil inlet. I think it can also be compatible with different specifications and concentrations of smoke

4. It won't leak at all, even if I lay it flat for one day

Improvement points: 1. The package of the box is too tight, so I have to tear it open

3. The power is not very accurate. I think it is 12W, and it will decrease as the battery power decreases




Reviewer:AmbitionZ VapeR

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Content:(The video lasts five minutes, and the unpacking time takes up a large proportion.) This is a device with a unique style. Let's take a look at it in detail. (Unpacking and data introduction) The smoke cartridge can change the suction resistance by rotating, and the atomization quality of the smoke cartridge is good, which can meet your needs. The texture of the equipment itself is also good, and it also carries a lanyard. I like its design style and it also has a lock function. When you turn the hook up, it can lock the key. If you like this style of product, you can try it

Advantages: 1. Two types of suction resistance can be obtained by rotating the cartridge, and the converted suction resistance will become very compact.

2. The taste of the cartridge is good, and you can feel its high atomization quality.

3. The light feeling and battery life are good. The light will light up on the fuselage. The battery is enough for me to use for a long time

Improvement points: 1. There is only one smoke cartridge. If that smoke cartridge is defective, you will have to buy another one. It's unfortunate. I hope it has two cartridge




Reviewer:Matt From SMM

Upload time:2022/12/07



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Content:This is a Pod system jointly produced by jude and hannya, which is very suitable for those who go outdoors or work around a lot of dust. When you use these things, you will get these accessories, and everything looks good. The device is made of pctg. It feels like plastic, but it is very good. It is convenient for you to use outdoors anytime and anywhere without dirtying your device. The design looks three-dimensional, and the workmanship is also very good. Compared with the other two designs, I like the simple one best. You will feel good and safe when it clicks when the lid is closed. You can even lock it to prevent it from opening when it is in your pocket. When you don't want to use it, it can definitely be put in your pocket. It is very, very light. Now I like this very much. When you use it, you need to be aware that it is an electronic cigarette with a cover. Although it has added springs on the hinge to prevent the device from closing, you should still be aware of this. If there is always a lot of dust around your work or life, I believe it will be very suitable for you.

Advantages: 1. cartridge taste good and I like the design of this nozzle, although it looks square.

2. I like this cover very much. Although it has been designed in other devices in the past, the airok looks better

3. The light on the side will not be too bright or interfere with me, so I have no opinion about this

Improvement points: 1. Be careful of the rubber plug on the side of the smoke bomb. It looks fragile