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Content:Its shell is transparent and feels like plastic. In addition, there is a black version. (Unpacking introduction) It was also very good to provide a lanyard. It's light but it looks a little big in size. There is also a lock catch on the snap fastener of the cover. You can open the device by unlocking the lock catch. Its cover design is excellent. Pod devices with covers are still rare. The style of the black version looks mature. The cartridge is a standard 2ml non replaceable type. The oil filler looks small, and some bottles may not fit in. It is light and can be carried with you. However, if considering its size, if it is inconvenient to put it in your pocket, you can also use a lanyard. cartridge taste very smooth, very good. Its weight is just right, and it will not be too heavy. The texture of plastic can't be said to be good or bad. The affordable price allows you to use it without hesitation, and it is also very easy to use. The shape of the nozzle of the cartridge looks angular, but actually it is OK. I don't mind that the middle of the cartridge is thicker, but if it is narrowed on both sides, it should fit the shape of the mouth better.

Advantages: 1. It can be kept clean. The cover is also equipped with a lock catch to prevent accidental contact

2. I think it's a good thing that the main body is light and can be carried out comfortably

Improvement point: 1650mah battery is a little small for this size. In fact, there is still a lot of room for expansion.




Reviewer:B-R TV

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Content:(Display packaging and unpacking to display accessories and introduce specifications) The cartridge looks very large. The transparent shell can clearly see the residual smoke. This is the black version. It's very beautiful. The design of the surface is like a logo, and the color of the shell is a pure translucent black. But I don't know whether it will be sold in the market, but I believe it will be listed in the Philippines soon. Let's try its taste. Its taste is restored well, and its suction resistance will be loose. It depends on everyone's preference. The appearance of the black version looks like a minimalist style. The design of the entire series of airtok is very attractive, which is one of the best points of this brand.

Advantages: 1. The battery capacity will last longer than I imagined

2. This device provides a locking system, which is very practical and fashionable

Improvement points: 1. There is no charging cord in the package, which sometimes causes trouble




Reviewer:VAPE MAN C?N TH?

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Content:(Unpacking the contents) There is no charging line in the package. I think they may have learned from the mobile phone brand for environmental protection. However, this product is still very easy to charge. You can find the type-c charging cable anywhere. The front and back of the device are printed, and this pink color matching is very popular. A very good point is that this product and the previous generation nano pro universal smoke cartridge. The magnetic suction of the cartridge is very tight, even if you throw it hard, it will not fall off, so you can rest assured to test. There is a lock catch on the side, which can prevent the equipment from being opened accidentally after being closed. The taste of the cartridge is very good, and you can feel all the smells very well. I gave it 10 points for its design, because its design is very young and energetic, and it is very suitable to be used as an accessory. You can take it anywhere because it's very compact. There are more official designs and patterns, which can be selected according to your own preferences.

Advantages: 1. I like this design very much, very young and energetic

Improvement points: 1. This package is a little difficult to take out the equipment. Unlike some equipment, there is a rope in the package that can pull out the equipment.




Reviewer:Tin Review

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Content:This product is very popular. Go to search and you will find that it has been sold out. This time, it also brings a new black classic color. The design of this brand is always elegant and beautiful. It looks like it will be liked by players who like the cute style. Of course, female users will also like it. I also like this style. (Open the box to introduce the contents) The green version is more like a devil, and the red version is like a Japanese girl, very cute. Pink should be the best selling color. I knew it would sell out immediately when I saw this design. There is also a lanyard in the package, but there is no charging cable, which is relatively rare. The black version looks very solid, which is a simple pattern, suitable for players who do not like fancy. The suction resistance on the tight side really changes a lot, and it will tighten a lot, which surprised me.

Advantages: 1. Very beautiful and special appearance. I like it very much

2. The smoke cartridge is very comfortable to absorb, and the taste is also very good

Improvement points: 1. It may be that no one needs a charging line, so there is no charging line attached. But for some iPhone users, it would be better to have a charging line.

I think this lanyard is a bit too long. It's inconvenient to take it when you sit down.




Reviewer:Lastprice v.3

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Content:(Unpacking to introduce the contents of the package) The product also comes with a very elastic lanyard. Remember to open the latch at the button before use. This is a cool design. (Details of each color are displayed separately) The black version has a unique appearance, and the texture of the print seems to be much stronger. There are many other colors on the official website. I believe there will be one you like.

Advantages: 1. It is very easy to use. Beginners can use it without learning

2. Cool appearance, small size, light weight, and a cover design make it easy to carry

3. The flavor of the cartridge is very accurate and clear.

Improvement points: 1. The intake air cannot be adjusted freely, and there are only two preset gears

2. The small pod can't adjust the power and light without a screen

3. It is hoped that the smoke bomb can release multiple data versions