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Reviewer:YUU from JVT

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Content:This time, we also released a pod in cooperation with Jude, which is temporarily a new color and two conventional colors. The two versions look the same except for the color, including their accessories. The characters on the new package of cartridge are very cute. This device has been photographed by other reviewers in Japan, so we won't elaborate on its appearance. But let's try its performance. However, it will pop up when the button is pressed. The design is very good. Every time this company's products make me feel a sense of design. Every time the design has a sense of Japanese and Asian culture. On the other side, there is a resin buckle for hanging the rope. The smoke bomb has a sign indicating that it should be left for 3-5 minutes after oil filling. However, it is winter now, and it is nearly 0 degrees. To be safe, we should leave it for 10 minutes. This device is equipped with a two-stage air inlet switch, and MTL can be switched by rotating the smoke bomb. This device is not really suitable for mouth smoking. If they introduce 1.2 smoke bombs and adjust the air intake more tightly, it will be more suitable for MTL. However, the current completion of this equipment is also very high. It is worth recommending

Advantages: 1. The transparent smoke bomb is very good. It is easy to distinguish how much smoke oil is left

2. As the biggest feature of this product, the pod with dust cover is particularly popular.

3. Weight. It's very light. I think this kind of lightness is very good. It can be easily hung around the neck

Improvement points: 1. There is no attached charging cable. I think it is important to attach a charging cable, although most mobile phones are C-shaped connectors now. However, if it still comes with a charging cable, it will make me feel very friendly as a user.

2. There will be more buttons. If you are used to suction from the side, it may block you. You may feel a little uncomfortable before you get used to the suction position of this product




Reviewer:Red Kanthal

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Content:This brand has been popular for a long time and is famous for its influential design. This time, too. In addition to the sanitary cover you can see, this device also has a safety latch, and the bottom is a C-type charging interface. The smoke bomb is common to the nano pro released before. These are the contents of the package. The quality of the lanyard is better than expected, with a little elasticity, and a good adjustment button. This time, I brought two regular versions and the last one, which I don't know how to call it, but it is a black version with a slightly mechanical skeleton design. A part of the surface can see the inside, and the side can see the inside battery. The surface is very smooth, but if you look carefully, you will see some polished texture, because it also takes into account the grip strength. The lower part of the device is equipped with a power indicator. On the side is the switch button, which will not open even when the button is pressed when the latch is hung. After opening the latch, press the button to see the cover spring open. The tolerance of cartridge is very good, and the clamping force is very good in practical use. The fuel injection port of the cartridge looks small, but it is actually enough in actual use. It is very simple to use. You only need to fill oil and wait for a while before you can smoke. The taste performance is very good. Compared with the taste, it is more difficult to express the aroma. The overall size is larger than the previous nano pro, which is also to fix the lid. The mask girl is very beautiful. You can also choose different colors.

Advantages: 1. The grip is better than expected, especially when you take it with you in winter like now, the surface polishing makes it not very cold and not very slippery

2. The hanging rope attached to the package is its advantage and its fashionable design is also one of its selling points

3. The design of the sanitary cover must be the biggest selling point. When you press the button, the cover will open itself. It's very interesting

Improvement points: 1. According to today's standard, the battery capacity may not be enough for a day, and you may need to recharge it in the middle of the commute.

3. If the size of the equipment is considered, there is room for improvement in the capacity of 2ml cartridge




Reviewer:GENKI TV - V.P.C

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Content:This is a new pod. It has been out for some time, but I want to introduce it to you. It is designed with a cover, which can be opened by a button on the side. When you carry it in your pocket or bag, you don't need to worry about its hygiene and it is convenient to carry. In addition, there is a black version, which is the same in function. The picture above is one of their core designs, but its color and design make it feel popular. Many people like this design, and I think so. The resistance of the coil is 1 ohm. I think it should be better than mtl. The 650mah battery depends on your usage frequency, but I saw that it can be fully charged in 30 minutes, which is good if it is. (Open the case and introduce the appearance) I like this pattern design very much. It is unique and has a sense of fashion. There is a silver fixed button on the button, which can be opened after being untied. It feels very strong to open, and can be opened with one hand. You can lock the lock when you go out and carry it. It can be easily opened when you want to use it. The black version looks cool. It seems that you can't see the styles in the box. There are three models on the official website. This one looks like 3 skulls and some mechanical designs. It also looks very popular. The attached lanyard was originally very long. You can shorten it by yourself. This is very convenient and the equipment is not heavy on the neck. I think it is very good in this respect. There is no problem with the restoration of taste, and the dtl is very comfortable.

Advantages: 1. The charging line is very long. You can adjust the length according to your preferences

2. The taste is very good. There are two intake options

Improvement points: 1. There is no charging line in the package, which is not very friendly




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Content:This time I got two colors of red and green, an extra box of cartridge and a different version of black. The black version looks like a simple design, different from the other two. We will test their functions in this video. The pattern design on the surface of the product is very unique, which is the specialty of this brand. It looks very beautiful. The accessory box is equipped with a lanyard without additional cartridge and charging cables. Its design is still very intuitive. When you see it, you know what to do. First of all, you need to pull down the latch. If you press the switch without unlocking the latch, it will not open. This product identifies the battery capacity through the indicator light, and represents the battery balance through green, blue and red, like other pod systems. The suction resistance of cartridge will be too tight, and the taste is very suitable for a pod system. I can't find anything wrong with the smell of cartridge. They are delicious. I have used this cartridge for a long time, but you can see that it is still dry and there is no oil leakage. I don't think it is an international brand without additional cartridge, but its taste seems to be international, especially in terms of flavor.

Advantages: 1. The taste of cartridge is very good, and the flavor is very delicious

2. The anti-leakage of the cartridge is well done. I have used it for a period of time and there is no oil leakage problem

Improvement points: 1. There is no charger and extra cartridge in the package, which will make me a little distressed




Reviewer:VaperSTUFF Indonesia

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Content:This time we are bringing the latest product of vapelusion. Its name looks very Chinese, but I am not sure whether it is a Chinese or Indonesian brand, because it seems to come from Indonesia on Jeffrey's IG. This time, we brought four colors, which look really colorful. I thought it didn't have any buttons to open directly. There is a button here. There is also a metal lock here. When you don't want it to open, close the lock. This equipment is very light. I must check its weight. It doesn't come with a charging cable, which is actually correct. I have a lot of charging cables. The buckle design on the other side is used to hang the lanyard, which makes me very interested. Its very interesting design gives us the space to buy it, not based on taste or demand, but because it is very interesting. The cartridge is of transparent design, and its oil filling port is just opened, so it can be directly filled without using sub-bottles. Although its output is only 12W, it is very smoggy in actual use. The smoke bomb also has the function of double-sided air intake adjustment, which can achieve MTL and slightly smooth light lung aspiration. Its smoke is really big. It doesn't look like it's only 12W. The difference between the two types of suction resistance is not particularly obvious. It is more suitable to match your different preferences. In fact, if I don't particularly like the shape of the cartridge, it looks square and is a very flat cartridge, but when I use it, I can hardly feel the square shape, which is very comfortable. In my opinion, this design is just right and will not affect my taste of tobacco oil.

Advantages: 1. The taste of the cartridge is very good, it is very comfortable to use, and the air intake is also very smooth

2. The oil filling port of the cartridge is considered. It can be filled directly with our common oil bottle without using the oil transfer device. The opening is just right

Improvement points: 1. The capacity of the battery is only 650mah, which makes me surprised. In terms of volume, it should be able to do more