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Reviewer:Big Tummy

Upload time:2023/6/4

Item:Nano pot


Data(play volume/likes/comment):1534/65/43


Content:Hannya's designs have always been eye-catching. On the positive side: all the flavors reflect very well, especially the nicotine salts, the unique design of the vapelustion is always ahead of their competitors, when it comes to the design performance is very good, especially the airflow, it has a very good airflow regulation The smoke is large, and the sensor light flashes with breathing, but there is no screen display. In short, this is an entry-level device that is very easy to use.

Suggestion: add 1-2 more pods with different resistance values that can be wildly matched.





Reviewer:Ecigguo Coilbuild

Upload time:2023/6/2

Item:Nano pot


Data(play volume/likes/comment):335/25/16


Content: I really like the exquisite design and color. The design of the dust cap is a plus. I think we can make a different pod like 0.6ohm. I personally think that making 0.6 ohm will be more suitable for the system. 0.8ohm keeps the MTL pumping and will have a nice smell tone. But the taste alone is not enough, it still feels bad. Thais prefer to use low ohms, and will prefer a sweeter and more intense response to the taste, even with nicotine salts. Regarding the gas wheel, it does a good job. As for the machine itself, the situation is not bad. The battery is enough for 1 day. If you do the extra coil option, I'm sure this product will get better and better.





Reviewer:Adrian Lo Dejavu

Upload time:2023/6/5

Item:Nano pot


Data(play volume/likes/comment):5393/212/23


Content:All the color schemes are very good-looking, and the colors are harmonious and versatile. Even if it is a plastic shell, the overall design style and color matching are very brilliant, and it is not cheap at all. The device has no buttons, the airflow can be adjusted, and it supports MTL/DTL. The overall device is very light and the volume is the smallest square device compared with the same type. The dust cover of the drip tip is detachable, which is sure about hygiene. The amount of smoke is very good, and it is more powerful than other stick-type PODs, but I personally think that the power may not reach 16W. It is a very light and small device, and the evaluation is three stars.

Suggestion: There are 1-2 more pods with different resistance values that can be matched with each other, and the addition of display screen + button settings will be more expected.