News 2023 Korea Vape Show

The highly anticipated Korea Vape Show in 2023 will come to an end on July 23. The atmosphere was very good and there was a lot of voices. The atmosphere of the exhibition site is very good, full of vitality and creativity. Exhibitors displayed the latest electronic cigarette products and technologies, which attracted the attention and interest of many visitors. Fans who love us surround our booth and love our products.

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The success of the exhibition is due to the organizer's careful planning and ution, as well as the active participation and support of exhibitors and visitors. As the second time to participate in the e-cigarette exhibition in Korea, of course we also brought a lot of benefits and live games for everyone to participate in. Judging by the crowd, everyone was having a good time.

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All in all, the successful conclusion of the MEVS exhibition is a moment worth celebrating. I believe that in the future, HANNYA will hold exhibitions in more countries to meet overseas fans from more countries and regions. Stay tuned.