News Has your favourite e-liquid suddenly lost its flavour? Then you could be suffering from vaper’s tongue

It’s a truthuniversally acknowledged that vaping is a better alternative to smoking when itcomes to health. But that doesn’t mean vaping comes without its own share of potential issues, andvaper’s tongue is certainly one of them.

Whether you know it as vaper’s tongue orvaper’s fatigue, this condition can mean your go-to e-liquid no longer hasthose strong, delicious flavours you’re used to, or youmay not be able to taste it at all. The good news is that the issue is easilyrectifiable, and it’s nothing to worry about!


what is vaper’s tongue?

Much like the way smoking cigarettes canaffect how we taste things, vaping can do the same, on a much lower scale.

Vaper’s tongue is a termused when referring to the way our taste works in relation to vaping. If you’re findingthat your taste has changed or disappeared when vaping, it’s a suresign you have it.

How can you fix vaper’s tongue?

Although an irritant, vaper’s tongue isreally easy to get rid of, and needn’t be a cause forconcern. Here are some of the most effective, tried and tested ways of fixingvaper’s tongue.

Switch-up your e-liquid

When you have a favourite e-liquid, it canbe difficult to stray away, and why would you want to? Well actually, switchingup your e-liquid can be all it takes to sort out that annoying vaper’s tongue asstudies have shown that repeatedly vaping the same flavours can mean your tastebuds quickly get used to the flavour until you can no longer taste it.

Finding a handful of e-liquids you love,and switching between them, can be a great way of ensuring your favourites staythat way!

Give it time if you’ve just quitsmoking

If you’ve just stoppedsmoking in favour for vaping, then you may be experiencing vaper’s tongue,but in this case – just give it time. It is scientifically proven that smokingcigarettes can temporarily stunt the tastebuds, but once you stop, this issueslowly rectifies itself. So, if your vaper’s tongue is as aresult of this recent change, sit tight and you should be enjoying the fullflavour of your e-liquid before you know it.


Clean your kit

When was the last time you cleaned yourvape device? If it’s been a while, then the chances are your issues relate to a dirtyand clogged up coil. A vape coil needs to be cleaned regularly because, ifneglected, it can become coated in debris that effects how it performs, leavingflavours dull or unpleasant. So, make sure you take your device apart on aweekly basis to clean the coil and other components to keep flavours tasting asthey should.

Do you need a new vape kit?

If you haven’t kept on top ofmaintaining your vape device, then you may find it is past the point ofcleaning. In these cases, you may need to start from scratch with a new vapekit.