News What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

In this article, we are going to guide youthrough the clouds and explain the world of sub ohm vaping. If you are new toall this then it may seem a little daunting, but don't worry, we are going tokeep things as simple as we can.

Hopefully, once you have read what we'vegot to say about sub ohm vaping, you can work out if it is the best option foryou.


What is an ohm?

Let’s start with thebasics. What is an Ohm? An ohm is a unit to measure electric resistance. Allprebuilt coils will have a resistance, which will be found either on the coilor on the packaging. If the coil is under 1, then it is a sub ohm coil. Whenresistance is lower it produces more flavour and more vapour.

In 2014 sub ohm made its debut in thevaping world. This was due to the first sub ohm tanks coming out, the Herakles,the Arctic and the Aspire Atlantis. Since that tank, there have been some greatimprovements on sub ohm tanks which provide more flavour and more vapor.

The reason why you enjoy more flavour isdue to more vapour being pulled into your lungs. Sub ohm coils are generallywider, allowing more air to flow through too.

You will also inhale differently to atypical cigarette draw when you use a sub ohm vape. The type of draw is calleddirect to lung.

Is sub ohm vapingsafe?

Sub ohm vaping is more and more mainstreamthese days. However, even the most basic sub ohm mods can be dangerous whenused incorrectly. Here are our top tips to ensure that your sub ohm vapingexperience is safe

1. If you are a beginner then use aregulated box mod

This allows you to enjoy sub ohm vapingwith much fewer risks and little knowledge of ohms law. These mods have safetyfeatures too. However, as with all electrical goods, follow the instructionsand watch out for any malfunctions.

2. Use mechanical mods with caution andknowledge

A mechanical mod cannot be adjusted. Thismeans that all the battery power fires up the coil. You can adjust wattage withthis type of kit only by using different coil resistances, which you buildyourself. Before you use the coil, you should test it with an ohmmeter to checkthat it is safe and will not short circuit and cause a fire.

3. Get savvy on battery safety

Beware of fake batteries or those that arenot in great condition. You also want to make sure you never keep batteries inour pocket.

4. Buy genuine kits!

Don’t buy knock-off kitsjust because they look the part and are cheap. It might mean that they haven’t gonethrough such rigorous testing or have the safety features that the genuine onehas.


How to use asub ohm vape?

To use a sub ohm vape, such as a box mod,you will most likely adjust the settings, such as the wattage and temperaturecontrol. You’d then push the fire button and take a long slow inhale, about 3-5seconds.

You draw the vapour directly into yourlungs, not mouth and then lungs like a traditional draw. The wider drip tipallows for more air to be inhaled too.

What ejuice isbest for sub ohm vaping?

A sub ohm vape is going to require high VGeliquid. This is juice that contains 60% or more VG. VG is much thicker than PGand creates cloud as well as a smooth throat hit.

What is thedifference between sub ohm and MTL vaping?

There are a couple of big differencesbetween MTL and sub ohm vaping, here's a simple breakdown.

1,MTL is like a traditional cigarette draw,sub ohm is direct to lung

2,Sub ohm creates thick clouds and has asmooth throat hit

3,Sub ohming uses higher powered deviceswith adjustable watts

4,Sub ohm uses high VG juice, M.T.L useshigh PG or nic salts

5,Sub ohm kits are often larger in size andhave more functions

Is sub ohmvaping for me?

Sub ohm vaping isn’t for everyone. For one,sub ohm vaping is a different style to your cigalike or starter kits. Insteadof mouth to lung, like a cigarette, you inhale the vapour directly into thelungs. If you are looking for something like a cigarette then sub ohm vapingwon’t be your first choice due to the way in which you inhale.

A sub ohm vaping device will be bulkierthan the alternative. This is due to it needing a bigger battery. Not onlythat, but these kits often have displays where you can make adjustments towatts and more. If you like something robust and bulky then sub ohm is the wayto go, here's our Sub Ohm Vape Kit Range. If you are after something discretefor your pocket or purse, then it isn’t for you.

With a low ohm resistance, you can expectyour juices to drain a little faster, but you will find you can bring thenicotine content down a notch at the same time; which is a definite bonus.

Operating at 0.5 ohms (Anything less than 1ohm, is referred to as sub-ohms) you will need to make sure the device you areworking with can handle this type of tank - don't start attaching ego batteriesor petrol station specials; these babies are meant for a little more advancedvape kits.

Many of us have two kits. One smaller,mouth to lung device for out and about, then one big cloud sub ohm kit for homeand other occasions.

Final round-up,what is sub ohm vaping?

To conclude, sub ohm vaping refers to theresistance of the vape coil. The lower the resistance the bigger the cloudproduction. If you are looking for rich and dense clouds with great flavourthen this is for you. If you are just after a device to replicate smoking thenopt for something more basic with a mouth to lung pull.